Call Blue & White for Minneapolis Taxi Services

Blue and White van taxiLooking for a taxi in Minneapolis? Blue & White is on the way. Our professional drivers can take you wherever you need to go. Whether you are looking to get to work, go sightseeing or have a night out on the town with friends, you can count on the certified drivers at Blue & White to get you there safely and quickly.

Get to Work On Time

Morning and afternoon work commutes can result in a stressful day, so why not sit back and let one of the top Minneapolis taxi services take care of the ride for you? Our experienced drivers can find the fastest route to your place of work, avoiding as much traffic and construction as possible during the day.

Let our drivers deal with the stress of the road. When you take a Blue & White taxi to work, there are no bus and train schedules to dictate your day, no drivers filled with road rage and no expensive car costs to drain your funds.

You just sit back and enjoy your commute every single day of the week.

Get Out and Explore

Looking for a great place to hang out on the weekend or after work? Let a Blue & White taxi in Minneapolis take you where you want to go.

Minneapolis is great city that is filled with plenty of restaurants, bars, breweries, parks, shopping plazas and more. There is enough here to keep you entertained for an entire lifetime. Yet so many people who live in the Twin Cities area never get out to experience it all.

All you have to do is hop in a Blue & White Minneapolis taxi and you can explore the city that you love to call home. Even if you are new or from out of town, our friendly drivers are always willing to recommend places to go and sites to see.

Get Home Safe

When the sun goes down in the Twin Cities, the fun is just about to begin. A single ride in a Minneapolis taxi can get you anywhere in the downtown area far quicker than the bus or light rail can.

More than that, our drivers will get you home safe. So you can keep having fun without worrying about how you will get back home at the end of the night. By taking a taxi in Minneapolis, you will never have to worry about walking the streets at night or driving while intoxicated.

Book Online, From Your Phone or Just Hail Us

The best part about using a Blue & White’s Minneapolis taxi is that they are so easy to track down. Unlike other cab companies who never seem to be around, Blue & White is always ready to pick you up where and when you need it.

When you need a ride, you can either call (612) 333-3333, order a taxi on our website, use our convenient CruzCab mobile application or flag down one of our drives when you see them on the street.

No matter when you need a taxi in Minneapolis, Blue & White will be there to pick you up and take you where you need to go. It’s the most fast, affordable and reliable way to get around town.

Schedule your ride today!