Minneapolis Airport Taxi Service at Blue & White

Blue & White airport taxi van on the streetThere’s no doubt that flying can be a stressful endeavor. Whether you are just trying to get out of town for a vacation, visit family or friends or attend to some work-related business, you deserve to get to and from the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport with as little stress as possible.

If you are looking to take an airport taxi in Minneapolis, then look no further than Blue & White Taxi. With our low rates and professional drivers, you can rest easy knowing that you will get to the airport on time and at the best rate possible. When you return home, we can even have a taxi waiting at the terminal right when you need it.

Airport terminals are not the types of places that most people like to hang out at, so let Blue & White’s Minneapolis airport taxi service take you away from it all.

Never Be Late for a Flight

Whether you are flying out of the Lindbergh or Humphrey Terminal, Blue & White can get you there on time. Our drivers don’t like to sit in traffic any more than you do, that’s why they know the fastest routes to the airport. With their knowledge of the Twin Cities area roads, they can take you on routes with less traffic, less construction and even less hassle.

When you travel in a Blue & White airport taxi in Minneapolis, you will never have to worry about missing your flight. We can get you there safe, fast and at the best rate possible.

An Affordable Way to Get to the Airport

For just $2.30 per mile, Blue & White’s Minneapolis airport taxi service can take you to or from the MSP airport at any time, day or night. That’s a guaranteed rate that is lower than the average airport taxi in Minneapolis.

Plus, with our pre-scheduled service, one of our experienced drivers can be at your home or the airport when you need them. There’s no waiting around for a taxi to come pick you up. You can arrange and pre-pay for your ride ahead of time, and one of our drivers will be there before you need to leave. You won’t have to rustle around in your luggage to try and find a credit card, nor will you have to worry about having the right amount of cash. All you have to do is show up with your bags and one of our drivers will handle the rest.

By taking a Minneapolis airport taxi, you will also be able to avoid paying the high prices for parking at the MSP Airport. A single car parked for a week in one of the airport’s garages can run into the hundreds of dollars. This is a cost that no one deserves to pay just to get away.

Let Blue & White Make Your Travel Plans Easier

Don’t let your transportation to and from the MSP Airport become another stressful leg of your travels. With Blue & White’s pre-paid Minneapolis airport taxi service, you can rest easy knowing that your ride is secured.

Schedule your airport taxi in Minneapolis today!