The Various Minneapolis Taxi Services Offered by Blue & White

blue and white taxi logo up closeBlue & White provides a taxi service in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas that is unlike any other company in the industry. Any person with a car can take you where you need to go, but not everyone can get you there quickly, safely and at an affordable rate.

The drivers in our Minneapolis taxi service have stellar safety records, know every area of the Twin Cities inside and out and are always available to take you wherever you need to go. But their focus goes far beyond simply driving a car. Blue & White drivers are dedicated to providing you with the level of customer service that you deserve.

Making sure that our customers are completely satisfied with every level of service we provide is what Blue & White is all about.

We promise to make your ride enjoyable, whether you are going around the corner or to the opposite side of town. We also promise to offer innovative new ways for you to get a ride, when you need one.

If you are in need of taxi service in Minneapolis or any of the surrounding cities for any of the following reasons, don’t hesitate to contact Blue & White.

General Rides

Whether you are going out for the night, visiting family or just trying to get home, Blue & White can get you where you need to go.

We offer multiple ways to get a ride. If you don’t see one of our cabs in the immediate area, you can give us a call at (612) 333-3333, book a ride online, or use our simple CruzCab mobile app to have a driver sent directly to you.

With drivers working in every area of the Twin Cities, Blue & White is the only Minneapolis taxi service who is always there when you need us to be.

Airport Taxi Service in Minneapolis

We at Blue & White understand that flying can be a stressful experience for any number of reasons. That’s why our drivers want to make your car ride to or from the airport a stress-free experience. They can pick you up at the airport or right in front of your home.

Taking one of our taxis is the easiest way to get to the airport. You don’t have to worry about cramming your luggage into your car or navigating the roads to make it on time for your flight. There’s no hassle, no stress and no parking fees either.

Corporate Minneapolis Taxi Service

Our taxi service in Minneapolis even includes corporate accounts. We have established longstanding partnerships with businesses all throughout the Twin Cities. Our number one priority is the customer, and our drivers will always keep the success of your business in mind.

Don’t leave your employees scrambling to find ways to work, give them the option of riding with Blue & White.

The Clear Choice

When it comes to Minneapolis taxi service providers, Blue & White is the only company that promises to keep you, the rider, as our number one concern. While other companies will refuse rides to you based on where you are, leaving you out in the cold or the dead of night, we will always be there to take you to your next destination, no matter where or when you want to go there.

Next time you need a ride, look for the nearest Blue & White taxi, or you can schedule a future ride with us today.