The Problems with Uber Minneapolis

taxi box signUber Minneapolis is a branch of the young tech company that has seen its fair share of Twin Cities taxi customers.

It’s also a company that has seen its fair share of controversy over the small amount of time it has existed.

At first glance, the company comes off as an innovative tech marvel, the way of the future for taxi companies, but the business model it puts forth is not really all that it’s made out to be.

The basic reality is that Uber itself is a tech company, not a taxi company. If it were a taxi company, they would be subject to the same regulations that all taxi companies willingly abide by.

A Faulty Business Model

The business plan of Uber Minneapolis is simple: anyone can pick up their phone, download the app and start working for the company. Uber boasts that this entire process, from initial signup to your first customer pickup, takes only a few days.

There is not a single taxi company in United States that has an interview, screening, hiring and training process that takes one week or less. If only getting a job in most industries was this easy.

Becoming a taxi driver for any company is a long process. Each driver that Blue & White hires is subject to intense background and drug screening tests, must have a clean and clear driving record and must abide by all the rules and regulation put forth by the state of Minnesota and the city of Minneapolis.

This includes having a complete understanding of all 37 pages of the current Minneapolis Taxicab Code of Ordinances.

There’s More to Being a Taxi Driver than Having a License

Finally getting certified to become a taxi driver doesn’t even guarantee drivers a spot on the Blue & White team. We take the time to thoroughly train our drivers so that they know each and every street in the Twin Cities and the surrounding areas.

Have you ever gotten into an Uber Minneapolis car and had the driver ask you what the best route is to get your destination?

Blue & White drivers not only know the roads better than anyone else, they also know alternate routes, traffic patterns and the locations of construction zones, all of which guarantee that they will get you to your destination as quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

Problems with Untrained and Unaccountable Drivers

The multitude of problems with Uber Minneapolis have ranged from the company not properly screening drivers to drivers denying rides to passengers waiting to be picked up on the North Side.

No legitimate taxi company should ever deny rides to people based on where they live, especially if the company has the resources to take the passengers where they want to go.

Uber Minneapolis has even threatened to pull its company out of the Twin Cities area if the state of Minnesota were to pass legislation that requires the company to obtain the same insurance coverage as every other taxi company.

Therein lies the problem with Uber’s untrained and often unregulated drivers. You never know who you are going to get when you get into one of their cars, and when you need a ride quick, do you really have the time to sift through driver profiles and read all of their comments and ratings?

Travel Safe

With Blue & White Taxi, you are guaranteed to get a properly trained and screened driver every time you step inside one of our vehicles. It’s a safe, fast and affordable way to get around the Twin Cities. Book your ride online today.