Text 2 Order

text your orders to 612 963 7173 for blue and white taxi

With over 2.5 billion text messages sent per day in the United States alone, isn’t it time that took advantage of this technology? We use text messaging for many different things, so why not use it to book a cab?

Well now you can! Blue & White / ABC Taxi has partnered with Taxi Magic to bring you a quick and easy way to get to where you need to go.

No smartphone required! As long as your cell phone is capable of SMS text messaging*, you can use this service!

Follow the instructions below, and you’ll be texting your rides in no time!

number 1 symbol
i phone text to order screenText your pick-up address to:


Save this number for future use!

If this is your first time using the system, you will receive a text back asking for your first name.

Your name is entered in our database for future use, so you’ll never have to enter it again! Both your name and phone number are kept private on our secured system.

number 2 symbol
iphone text to order screenOnce you’ve completed the entry text, Your order is then run through our dispatch system. Within moments, an available driver will pick up the order.

You will then be notified again, confirming your order with the driver’s name, cab #, and estimated distance to your location!

Be sure to keep this information recorded in case of any issue. With a driver name or cab #, we can better assist you if any situation arises.

number 3 symbol
text to order phone screenAs soon as your cab has arrived at the specified location, you will be notified of its arrival.

Once in the cab, be sure to check for all personal belongings before exiting the vehicle.

Have a safe a pleasant trip!

If you have any questions, or are experiencing any issues with our text-2-order service, please contact us at our customer support center.

*Standard text message / data usage rates may apply, depending on your carrier. Please check with your service provider for details. Blue & White Taxi is not responsible for these charges. By using this service, you agree to the Ridecharge terms of service. You can view the terms of service here.