Five Reasons That Taxis are Better Than Rideshare

Five Reasons That Taxis are Better Than Rideshare

Ridesharing has become a popular form of transportation, but it isn’t as actually as good as it looks on the surface. When you choose to rideshare, you are facing insurance risks and you don’t know what you are buying. You may think the overall idea is great, but you need to look at the overall situation and the possibilities. If you consider the risks you are encountering when you choose to participate with a rideshare provider, you may decide it isn’t worth it and you will go back to the traditional taxi ride.

  1. Insurance Coverage – Auto insurance companies have variable insurance coverage, which means they pay out different amounts for injuries. This means how much they pay out for personal protection varies, so a passenger may find himself or herself responsible for their own medical bills if an accident occurs. Insurance companies also require commercial coverage if you are using your vehicle for profit. If a driver is using a regular auto policy, it won’t pay out if you are involved in rideshare crash. Auto insurance companies will drop a customer if they are using their vehicle commercially without notifying them and taking on the proper coverage, so you could be getting into a vehicle with no coverage from the driver at all.
  2. Uber Insurance – While Uber does offer insurance coverage for its drivers, the policy is only in effect while the driver is signed in to the Uber app. If the phone goes dead or the app malfunctions, there may be no coverage, and you might end up paying for your own medical expenses if you are in a crash. We all know there is no guarantee the driver can stay connected to the Uber app for the ride duration.
  3. Background Checks – You wouldn’t get into a vehicle with a total stranger. Well, that is exactly what you are doing with rideshare. Taxi drivers are required to undergo thorough background checks and maintain a clean driving record. Rideshare drivers may not be put up to as much scrutiny, so most anyone can sign up to drive for Lyft or Uber. The frightening thing is that you could end up in the care of someone with bad intentions.

4.. Vehicle Maintenance and Care – Rideshare vehicles aren’t going to undergo the same routine maintenance and inspections that a taxi will undergo. Taxis are required to maintain thorough maintenance records and undergo safety inspections. Rideshare drivers are responsible for their own vehicles, which means they may not be in as good mechanical condition as a taxi. Your safety should come first, so you should consider the vehicle records before getting in for a ride.

  1. Taxis are Regulated – Taxis and livery companies are highly regulated, which means they must adhere to certain regulations, file specific reports, and undergo audits and inspections on a regular basis. This means they are going to have safer, better maintained vehicles and more competent, experienced drivers that the taxi companies rely on to be competent, responsible drivers. Making sure you are in good hands is important when you choose a ride service. When you go with a taxi, you are in the care of an experienced professional driver in a safe, well-maintained vehicle.

Making the Right Choice

To sum it up, when you decide to rideshare you are putting your life into the hands of a stranger. You are purchasing an unknown product so you don’t know what to expect. How can you set your expectations when you don’t know what you are paying for? You can’t.  When you get into a taxi, you know what you are buying. You are a buying professional transportation. You are getting into a vehicle with a trustworthy, experienced driver who has a clean driving record and who has passed background checks.

The next time you need a ride, you should make the right choice and ride with the transportation that has been getting people where they need to go for decades. Reputable taxi services will be glad to answer any questions you may have about their services. It might be a good idea to just delete their app and put a professional taxi service on speed dial so you can get the transportation you need when you need it.

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