COVID-19 Pandemic: Safety is our priority.

Due to the pandemic, Blue & White Taxi has taken precautions  to keep both our drivers and passengers safe. Read about our safety measures here: Blue & White Taxi Covid-19 Protocol.

Nominated for the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics, we strive in not only having the best technology available for our accounts/customers, but our call staff is the best in the business.

Blue & White Taxi BBB Business Review
Blue & White Taxi Rideshare Services
Our vehicles are monitored under camera supervision 24/7.
Rideshare vehicles have no cameras.
All drivers are Net Study 2.0 fingerprint background checked with zero tolerance for negligent or criminal record.
Background checks can be appealed.
Vehicles have a live GPS installed to track the locations of our drivers via our dispatch center. We monitor for timeliness and moving violations.
GPS on Rideshare apps could be tracking you after your ride is over.
First Aid Certified, Defensive Driving Certified, Passenger Assist, and Maltreatment Certified.
Most rideshare drivers are citizens with no training or certification.
Blue & White Taxi mechanics meticulously maintain our vehicles.
Rideshare drivers may not be attentive to vehicle maintenance.
Complimentary snacks and common needs.
Not required by rideshare host companies.
  • My best friend thought our driver smelt really really good for once

    Bridgette Williams Avatar
    Bridgette W.
  • My driver was polite and efficient. Very safe but fast.

    John Hardy Avatar
    John H.
  • Driver was really polite and kind.

    Trevor spark Avatar
    Trevor s.
  • My driver was 10 minutes early to pick me up and got me to my appt in perfect time. He was courteous and friendly and his van was clean and in good running condition. All in all I'd give 5 stars to my man and thanks!

    Lucas Bellamy Avatar
    Lucas B.
  • Driver was on time and polite and vehicle was very clean. Usually the vehicles should be retired or detailed Cleaning is Needed.

    Cathy Simmons Avatar
    Cathy S.
  • The drivers are save and on time. Thanks 🐞😁🚕

    LadyBug-Ethel Simmons Miranda Avatar
    LadyBug-Ethel S.
  • Abduladif was very friendly and gave me lots of words of encouragement and was very respectful 🙂 Thank you

    Sam Sauce Avatar
    Sam S.
  • Cab driver got me there and back fast good service from the cab driver.

    Tierra Dunn Avatar
    Tierra D.
  • I love these people. Especially the owner. Its not everyday u meet someone like yourself... ( but better ) but i sure did. I REALLY like just about all the drivers, You can sit amd complain about whats going on in ur life , or just ask honest questions. Some they'll just sit and listen or else other will sit , listen & try to help you find a good solution for the problem your having. It really really bites that they are super short on drivers But that doesnt define their company! they're doing the very best they can with what they got. I appreciate all of you! 🙂

    becky phillips Avatar
    becky p.
  • They came very quick and texted and called for covienient service was excellent!

    Shawn Zimmerman Avatar
    Shawn Z.