Nominated for the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics, we strive in not only having the best technology available for our accounts/customers, but our call staff is the best in the business.

Blue & White Taxi BBB Business Review
Blue & White Taxi Rideshare Services
Our vehicles are monitored under camera supervision 24/7.
Rideshare vehicles have no cameras.
All drivers are Net Study 2.0 fingerprint background checked with zero tolerance for negligent or criminal record.
Background checks can be appealed.
Vehicles have a live GPS installed to track the locations of our drivers via our dispatch center. We monitor for timeliness and moving violations.
GPS on Rideshare apps could be tracking you after your ride is over.
First Aid Certified, Defensive Driving Certified, Passenger Assist, and Maltreatment Certified.
Most rideshare drivers are citizens with no training or certification.
Blue & White Taxi mechanics meticulously maintain our vehicles.
Rideshare drivers may not be attentive to vehicle maintenance.
Complimentary snacks and common needs.
Not required by rideshare host companies.
  • The driver who picked up both times and took me to my destination was very nice, efficient and got me there in a timely manner!! I would recommend this cab company to anyone and use it again!!

    Stephanie S. Avatar
    Stephanie S.
  • My experience with Blue and White was superb. They picked me up early which is great and were there immediately for my return trip.My driver is friendly courteous and always asks if I am comfortable. His cab was clean inside and out.Good job! Keep up the good work!@

    Thomas L. Avatar
    Thomas L.
  • I ride with blue and white every day for two weeks out of the month, at the same time every day. They consistently show up on time and always call so that I don't miss my ride. Their drivers are consistently courteous and professional, with only a few exceptions - but when you ride as often as I do, it wouldn't make sense to mark them down for just a few bad drivers. I also always feel safe, as their drivers do not speed nor take risks while driving, and they use their GPS to get me where I am going on the fastest route possible. My driver today, Mohamed, a Riide Black (number 873) took me on both my original and return visit, and he was particularly courteous and pleasant, and his car was kitted out with a back seat cover to make it more comfortable, which I appreciated; he also made sure that I was comfortable with the temperature and that I cared for the radio station, and did not talk on the phone - many drivers do talk on their phones while driving, which I do not mind, but I prefer if they ask first and very few of them do, which is really my only complaint... that and some of their cars, really particularly the Blue and White marked Dodge Caravans, are older and not always in the best condition, making the ride significantly less comfortable. However, literally every other brand - Rainbow, Red + White, Riide, ABC (I forget if there are more but those are the main ones) are always consistently in good condition, particularly the Riide cars and the Rainbow ones - I think they are simply newer vehicles. But even the older vehicles never feel unsafe, simply slightly less comfortable. TL;DR - I ride with B&W a LOT and always feel safe and treated well by drivers, and would absolutely recommend them if you need a ride... they are consistently priced with Uber or Lyft and way cheaper during surge pricing, too.

    Drew L. Avatar
    Drew L.
  • Pretty quick

    Eric T. Avatar
    Eric T.
  • I use the blue and white services alot and I am always taken care of and feel safe on my travels.The cabs are generally on time and drivers are always pleasant. Even when dealing with these minnesota winters. Thanks again

    Paul L. Avatar
    Paul L.
  • Mohammed was courteous and on time. Exactly what you want for an early flight.

    Jenny K. Avatar
    Jenny K.
  • My driver for two rides today was Ahmed. Polite, very kind, and a very engaging conversationalist. Very passionate about his convictions. I really hope to see him again. We had a great talk.

    SweetLadyJ Avatar
  • I use blue and white for my medical transportation and there are some good people especially the ladies that drive the one I had today January 8th 2020 was a very nice and respectful lady I appreciate her service

    Louis T. Avatar
    Louis T.
  • Awesome driver very respectful and caring . Made sure I was comfortable esayas driver is a very polite Man . Thank u for makin my ride as pleasant and comfortable as can be

    Claudia H. Avatar
    Claudia H.
  • This taxi driver loves life and loves his job and you can hear it in his voice as he’s talking to you. He says he’s been doing this for 18 years. He visited with me like he had known me a whole decade. By the time I got out of his vehicle, I was in tears. Thank you for making me feel important. 5++++ stars. I don’t know what your name is but I’ll never forget ya!

    Emilys I. Avatar
    Emilys I.