Nominated for the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics, we strive in not only having the best technology available for our accounts/customers, but our call staff is the best in the business.

Blue & White Taxi BBB Business Review
Blue & White Taxi Rideshare Services
Our vehicles are monitored under camera supervision 24/7.
Rideshare vehicles have no cameras.
All drivers are Net Study 2.0 fingerprint background checked with zero tolerance for negligent or criminal record.
Background checks can be appealed.
Vehicles have a live GPS installed to track the locations of our drivers via our dispatch center. We monitor for timeliness and moving violations.
GPS on Rideshare apps could be tracking you after your ride is over.
First Aid Certified, Defensive Driving Certified, Passenger Assist, and Maltreatment Certified.
Most rideshare drivers are citizens with no training or certification.
Blue & White Taxi mechanics meticulously maintain our vehicles.
Rideshare drivers may not be attentive to vehicle maintenance.
Complimentary snacks and common needs.
Not required by rideshare host companies.
  • Blue and white taxi drivers are very polite and have been very punctual in getting me from where I need to go to where I need to go.

    CG A. Avatar
    CG A.
  • I was really dirty and smelled really awful and the driver held his composera

    Thomas C. Avatar
    Thomas C.
  • Quick response and friendly driver.

    KateJon V. Avatar
    KateJon V.
  • On time. Very professional. Great customer service. Clean comfy vehicle.

    Banger B. Avatar
    Banger B.
  • I had the most wonderful driver , very friendly , great advice giver and amazing person. .i actually look forward to my rides , majority of the time they have wonderful drivers .. Thank you for your service !! God bless

    Shannon J. Avatar
    Shannon J.
  • Kevin was a very nice man. We chatted my whole ride. Made it a pleasant ride.

    Mystical M. Avatar
    Mystical M.
  • Today's cab driver was great! Muhammad arrived promptly at 6:15 am and waited patiently for me until 6:36 am. The vehicle was clean, transportation was quick & he was professional. His driving was also good (besides his high beam being turned on). Will get a return ride and review again!

    CLVaaj V. Avatar
    CLVaaj V.
  • I gotta tell you that I had one of the smoothest Taxi ride today.the driver very professional, and not to even mention very courteous.outstandingService.

    henry W. Avatar
    henry W.
  • I been using taxi services on and off for the last 7 years and blue and white has remained my favorite. I am NEVER late using this company I am usually a little early which I like and if they come early and I am not ready they never rush me or are rude to me they just give me the time I need but since I can track the cabs in live time i know when they are coming and when I am ready to get picked up all I have to do is send a text saying ready and it shows what cab will be there and when which is my new favorite thing about the company is I only ever had to call them once for a return ride.The drivers are super friendly although some are quiet they are all polite saying hello and good day they always make sure you feel comfortable meaning their vehicles are kept clean if its cold outside it is warm inside if its hot outside its cool inside they ask if you want to listen to anything they all know the fastest ways to get places depending on what time and day it is and I always feel safe which is a big one for me being a young woman. Everyone is using ride shares but they can be scary especially riding alone, I know the drivers blue and white pick are highly qualified with the best technology vehicle cleanliness and maintenance fastest routes and everything else you might look.for in cab services. Choose blue and white and you won't be let down

    Littlesnackcakez R. Avatar
    Littlesnackcakez R.
  • Fast arrivals. Friendly drivers.

    Melissa M. Avatar
    Melissa M.